5 Keys for a Smart Business

5 Keys for a Smart Business

     Successful businesses contain key elements. When these elements are missing, entrepreneurs struggle and expereince loss. Your time and energy is valuable, start believing this. Arm your-self with knowlege and start living and stop struggling. Here is an overview of each of these 5 keys to look for in a successful business.

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  1. A fun business that works – You can join hundreds of businesses that pay you for working online. Why not work for a business that is fun? Make sure you enjoy what you do or else it will be miserable. If you are miserable and just “trying” to make money, chances are you will hop to soemthing else before you can even break even. When business is fun, you enjoy it and stick with it!
  2. Reliable Income from a proven system – You will put time and energy into this. The last thing you need is a business that doen’t pay you. Make sure your business has a proven commission structure and has income potential that rewards you for your time and energy.
  3. Step-by-step training and support – Business is hard enough to have to stop and elarn every step of it on your own. Training and support are absolutely critical for your survival and success. Too many businesses out there provide limted support or charge you for support. The more support, help, guidence, and mentorship you have, the more you will grow and prosper.
  4. Work Part-time or Full-time – Find a business that allows you the freedom to work, grow, and earn regardless of the amount of time you put into it. Chances are you currently work full time in a regular job. You are turning to a home based business in order to add extra income and possibly quit your regular job. If your business base structure remains solid while you slowly grow, time can be divided up. This gives you more time with your friends and family and allows you to have a life.
  5. Risk Free & Money Back Guarantee – In order to be a member or affiliate of a business, chances are you will pay a monthly fee. Think of this as a franchise fee. If you own a franchise company such as “Dunkin-Donuts” you will pay fees regardless if your store makes a profit. This is risky and requires tons of up front capital. Look for a business that does not require up front capital. Actually, look for a company that provides you with solid products for a commissioned member with them. If you are not satisfied this business MUST refund your money. No questions asked!

Critically Examine your Current Business

     Reflecting on what brought you to owning and building a home based business will help you understand if you are in the right one. Be open adn honest with yourself. You want to understand if the business you promote truly reflects your personal beliefs and characteristics. To all those out in internet land promoting “get rich” quick schemes to pocket money, is this who you truly are? Do you promote products you don’t actually use? DO you promise unrealistic goals and fantasy? It is alright to be honest with yourself. We all jump into businesses for the goal to make money, to find out it’s full of empty promises. Reflect on the five keys for a fun business and compare what you are doing to what you want to do.

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Stop struggling and begin Living the life you want running the fun business you want!

Author: Solutions 2018

I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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