Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

The Driving Force Behind Success

     You walk up to the podium and look out at the crowd. Over 5,000 people eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say. Pens and notebooks ready to hear your words of inspiration. They have waited months to get an opportunity to see you live, hoping to take away a single nugget that can help them blow up their little business into an empire. You begin to speak……

     I am sure many people reading this right now have closed theri eyes and visualized this achievement. Yes my friedns, when you make to this level, achievement is an understatemnt. If you engage people to this level, well you have reached success in any business industry. Now I want to ask you a simple question. If this was you walking to the podium, what would be your first few words?

     “You are all me a single year ago…..”


     Think about it…We all started at the beginning of this journey at some point…..


As an industry leader in HealthCare, I learned years ago to be successful I needed to engage my team thru a vareity of motivational tactics. I did not start out as a Director, rather a simple staff member who wanted to make things better for my unit, hospital, industry, country, and well human species. Words are very powerful when spoken consistently and at the right time.

Words have been the ammunition that has changed mankind many times both for good and not so good purposes. I encourage you to understand how to use the right words at the right time to engage people in achieving the success the person walking to the podium filled with people has obtained.

I have been there one time in my medical career and it felt amazing. I had an opportunity to share my ideas on safe nurse staffing influence thru patient thru-put. It was amazing to hear people implementing my ideas in their hospitals. This was a level I had dreamed about and it all came to fruition based on using the right words at the right time!

3 Tips for Any Industry 

     #1 – Provide your staff, team, and/or audience with a pleasant environment. If you have a powerful message, giving it during a heated argument, tough situation, basically the wrong time, WON’T WORK! I often wait for the right times to have certain conversations with my teams No Matter How Much I Want TO Shout It Out! I feel you have a single opportunity to deliver a powerful message with the intention it is meant to have. People process information and when they hear it again it may not have the strength behind it. You want that first time to hit your audience like a ton of bricks (In a Good Way 🙂

#2 – Offer and Provide every opportunity for self-development within your team and audience. People want to know how to improve their lives thru improving their ways, experiences, interactions, and relationships with others. Self development is a powerful tool that can stabalize and strengthen ongoing engagement and interaction. Teams that master this often go far in the business industry. Teams that master this provide better services to their clients (patient’s) and practically everyone else they interact with.

#3 – Never Punish Failure! If we never try new things and fall flat on our faces, we will never know what will and will not work in an industry. It is funny as I always tell people the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Remember, people are creatures of habit. We must encourage them to break habits and even try things that are uncomfortable in order to find ways to be successful. This is true for any industry you explore.


You need to start somewhere! If you are new to online business, start with positive posts in your social media. Provide information that is valuable and refrain from letting everyone know your personal problems and struggles. Think of your online presence as the environment you are exposing your audience to. Never make this environment unpleasant. I often see this as one of the top reasons people struggle. If you were going to join a store and you entered it and the employees were talking about their relationship issues, co-worker issues, and were rude, would you shop there? Create your online environment the way you want your real environment to look. People want to connect with you and instantly smile or change their mood in a positive way. I don’t want to spend money when I am in a bad mood!

Teach people things that will help them. What are you good at? We all have skills that can help someone else. This is why I love Youtube videos so much! I can fix almost anything because of Youtube!! (Guys you know what I mean so don’t even deny it! You had no clue what some of those parts were under the hood until Youtube came along! LOL) Self development is so much fun. Offer people something on a routine basis. Skills and tools come in handy when you least expect it. The more, the better! Your team and audience will thank you someday.

Never, ever compare yourself or gloat about your successes. People be waiving cash all over saying it took them 5 minutes to make it! My favorite, join this business because we are successful and your not. Sorry to say this, but it is the truth….

If you have the right attitude, skills, personality, you can sell anything regardless of what it is. I rememebr working with a great partner who could sell “salt water in the middle of the ocean!”

Get people engaged and motivated to try new things, interact, make their environment positive and healthy and people will want to hear you someday walk up to the podium and pour your passion thru words.

Have an amazing journey my Friends!

Author: Solutions 2018

I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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