Stop Doing these 4 things Immediately

Online Business Owners

These 4 things are killing your business

     If you are doing these 8 things online, STOP immediately. These actions could be hurting your business, your image, credibility, and time. Focus your time and energy on personal branding, conversation, and relationship building.

SPAM is Nasty

#4 – Perception is 9/10 of the law!

What you do online and how often you do it can give people the wrong idea. People typically want to work online because they need more income, however have limited time. The perception of needing to work hours a day is a quick turn-off. Be cognizant of this when you show prospects what your up to online. They may walk away saying “I could never do all that!” Take the slow approach and make it look simple. Initially people need to take things in small doses. The more excited you become as you create project after project may repel more people you think. Spend time focused on a couple projects and opportunities. Stay consistent and ease each new prospect into the world slowly.

#3 – Stop spinning generic articles

I have to laugh when I see this technique. Spend $35 for 8 articles for your blog. The last thing you want to do is plaster duplicate, generic content all over your blog or website. Make your posts unique and viable. Have some decency people! Understand your target audience and write posts that will attract their attention. Search engines are smarter and rank higher based on engagement and all the other SEO factors out there. I do recommend you write for your audience and not for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In addition, stop adding these as blog comments. Most blogs today take your comments and mark them as spam. Take the time and write decent comments and avoid the whole “great post “Link”

#2 – Act like someone is always watching….because they are!

I see this all the time. I get a social media request from someone looking to “add me to an amazing business”. So naturally I would like to know who I would be working with. Next, I am going to look at your profile and your posts. For the love of humanity, stop airing your dirty laundry everywhere, vulgar language, and political views. People will judge you and judge you quickly. People are always looking so act like it. If this is your style I suggest you change it or get out of the business. Not good for personal branding.

#1 – Diarrhea of the mouth

I know that is a visual you didn’t need, but that’s exactly what people do. The initial connection is made and then “blah blah blah blah, link, blah blah, I’m the best, bla blah blah my business blah blah”  I usually respond with nothing or “hey how is this style working for you?” Which, by the way is a clever technique to reverse engineer. Think about the business relationship like a personal one, do you ask the pretty girl to get married and have 5 kids after the first 14 minutes?



This doesn’t deserve a number, however if it’s not mentioned you may continue to do it….





Links be dropping all over the place

Not even a “hello” first…The nerve


Spend your time wisely! Learn the art of conversation. Let it take a course on it’s own. Natural insertion of your solution to someone’s problem goes a long way. If your going to drop links, do it in the right places that ask for them. I just don’t see any value in this and see it as a waste of time. Facebook groups are full of this practice. At least drop a link that has valuable help to start building a connection. Now you are all set to market better. Go out there and STOP doing these things and you will be better off!

















Author: Solutions 2018

I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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