Subject Matter Experts

#1 Trend that Drives Business Success

According to: FORBES 


According to Forbes article “Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2017”, subject matter experts ranked as the top trend. The reason for this is rather simple. The articles explains three different buying personas: order taker, sales person, and the subject matter expert. Of these three personas, which would you rather meet with? The salesperson trying to sell you something and meet a quota or the person with the expertise and knowledge of the product or situation?

Identities of a True Subject Matter Expert

  1. Documented history of working in the expert identified area
  2. They have actually rolled up their sleeves and performed the work throughout their career in the field.
  3. Solid understanding of industry best practice in order to help your small business model.
  4. Understanding of user and customer needs  in order to solve problems and desires for both groups.
  5. Lower overall business costs in terms of projects while delivering quickly.

How to Obtain A subject Matter Expert?

     If you are active in a small business or home based business, finding a subject matter expert may pose challenges. Typically the SME is a top performer in your business industry. Through research of your niche, you may reach out to top performers and request their help. Chances are you will be asked to “work for them” in their perspective business. Once you join you may or may not hear receive the help you need. The 2018 trend for SME requires paying for top coaches and mentors upwards of $150-$350 per hour. The challenges of finding and retaining a SME for your business is not a simple feat. You must be focuesed while using a lot of finesse to actually obtain them once found.

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What if you had a SME handed to you?


Picture this: “You have a person of interest for your business. You chit chat for a little bit and slowly bring up your business. You literally tell the person of a great opportunity and that is it. The person is curious and you would like to hear more. You give their contact information to your subject matter expert and move on. Later you hear this person is in your business and thriving.”

This practice is powerful for a number of reasons:

  • The SME actively is involved in the business, the business model, and the products
  • The SME is a master at communication, relationship building, and helping people solve problems
  • The SME is an actual part of your team and your success leads to their success

True Story of How our Subject Matter Expert Grew my business:

I received a phone call Tuesday evening from my company owner and founder. You see I had introduced someone to our business model a few months ago. The prospect was interested, however had concerns. We chatted o n and off and then lost contact. As a small business owner I accepted my loss and moved on. The call I received was to let me know this prospect had joined with me and began his journey. Our SME had been in contact frequently and helped this prospect solve a major problem in their life using our business. I now have a dedicated customer and business partner in a prospect I moved past months ago.

If you would like to work for an amazing business with the SME built into the existing model, Please Contact me: John Green

Author: Solutions 2018

I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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