Is Automation the Right Answer?

Bringing the Gap Between Technology


Good Old Fashion Conversation


The age of technology! With Face book, Twitter, Instagram, and every other app created and to be created, no wonder so many turn to automation to earn their riches online. The new norm and the commonality is to whip out the smart phone, click an app and send out link to a million people and presto, instant money!

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Is automation the right answer when it comes to building your business, your brand, your income? Before we can answer this, first what does automation actually mean? It’s important to understand what automation looks like to you, the marketer in order to understand the answer I am about to provide. Automation can be defined as a state of being operated automatically (Merriam-Webster).

As a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner, is you intention to make your entire operation work on auto-pilot? Does this include any conversation, direct interaction, or personalized branding? Do you intend on running your business thru a series of internet links thru high caliber traffic, where based on percentage and clicks, you are bound to earn some commissions due to a high converting page?

Chances are you are struggling with your business strategy and ability to fully automate your business? Wrong assumption? Maybe you are here to implement new strategies to your already successful business model? Regardless, take a moment to read thru this strategy. Implementing automation using good old fashion conversation in a form of set-it and forget it approach may have astounding affects on your business.

Bringing Conversation into Automation

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This simple, power strategy may be exactly what your business needs. By bridging the gap between good old fashion conversation and automation, you are able to increase engagement, while branding your personality, strengths, powers of persuasion and beyond. Imagine letting people know what you think, your ideas, thoughts, understanding, and views while automatically bringing people to your offer? The ROI is an ongoing “use” of a powerful, FREE site that increases your exposure, while automating your back offer. This investment of your time can equals thousands of views to who you are, driving people to your offer thru your profile. Let me explain in more detail!

Introducing a less than saturated place to increase your exposure!

quara      Quora is a free site that lets you market yourself through your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, creativity, by answering and asking questions. Sounds so simply, this must be a joke?  Let me ask you a question? Does 40K views to an answer you give someone looking for specific help in a target niche your business is related to sound like a joke?

Let me break down a little further!

Say you own a business in the weight loss industry. You logged into Quora and search “How do I lose weight?”. To your amazement questions pop up from 20 people looking for help losing weight in the last 2 hours. SO what do you do??? Please don’t say answer their question with a link!



Here is a step-by-step way to increase your exposure to a laser targeted market looking for exactly what you have to offer!

STEP #1: Create your profile on Quora: This is where you create the automation portion of the process. A profile that is mysterious, offers solutions, and drives traffic is your goal here. My Profile is based on The Challenge! I provide enough information to target the right audience while providing the mystery needed to click my pages.   Check it out here as an example. This is the one of the most critical steps. Put some time and energy into this!! Look at My Profile Before Moving On

STEP #2: Now that you have a great profile that will draw attention and mystery, making people click your links, its time to get people to your profile! Quora is full of actively engaged viewers seeking help for their direct problem.

Now for some thinking!……

Write down 5 ways your business can help someone. I suggest you keep this saved on your desktop where it can be easily retrieved and viewed. I keep mine as a sticky note. Here are my 5 solutions:

  1. Provides people with a safer, cleaner home
  2. Allows people to shop for many products in 1 easy place
  3. Helps people become healthier by losing weight, reducing inflammation, pain, blood glucose and more.
  4. Plant-based, eco-friendly products
  5. Provides a solid business platform to earn monthly income

STEP #3: Search for questions that your business can answer. I will use my 5 examples to help you.

Search: Are home cleaning products safe?

Results: “What are some good natural home cleaning products?”

Click on this and select answer. Here is a scripted type answer I provide that allows me to shows my level of understanding, awareness, passion, and understanding to the question, thus wanting the person or others to click to my profile.

Answer: “It is so important to look for natural home clean products. I appreciate you asking this as it helps bring an awareness to this huge problem we are facing! As a healthcare provider, I see the impact toxic home cleaners have on people all the time. The level of urgency to get these products out of your home, away from your kids and pets is beyond high. Since you are asking this question I see you understand this and need an answer to this question now! What I recommend are plant-based products that are backed by a company dedicated and committed in customer service, family, health, and wellness. Another important factor involves products made in the USA. Customer testimonial is another huge variable to look at. After all, I don’t want to buy something that increases my child’s asthma or gets my dog sick after she sniffs around the carpet. Look for products that not only are plant-based, free from toxic chemicals, but DO NOT require a child proof cap. This is exactly what I did and now my home, family, and pets are much safer.”

STEP #4 – After entering answer Click to share on Facebook and Twitter gaining more exposure!

I recommend you answer between 5-10 questions a day. Always provide value without spamming. This is a wonderful place that does not have the SPAM laws Face book has, BUT let’s keep it that way. The more people that flood Quora and do this, the more likely it will. Please honor this amazing place. The more value you add will provide the good old conversation necessary, while coupling it to an automated processes. Find laser targeted customers, offering them your knowledge and solution, thus drawing them to your offer.

I recommend you continue the conversation with HOT prospects who reach out, go thru your funnels, and so on. Especially if your offer includes network marketing and is based on a solid business relationship. Affiliate offers that convert are a different story. Regardless what you do with this exposure, views, and leads rests in your hands. Try new things, learn, and grow!

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I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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