Prevention Will Save Health Care

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An inside view by a Health Care Professional


“We have a 32 year old male on the way by EMS with a suspected drug overdose. Respirations are weak and shallow, we have provided reversal times 2 with no improvement in spontaneous respirations. Estimated time of arrival is 2 minutes”


The leading cause of death in America for 2018 is Opioid overdose. This epidemic is sweeping the country. Chances are everyone reading this post either knows someone or is aware of someone who overdosed on an opioid drug. This is one of the many new problems facing America’s healthcare situation.

As this crisis increases, valuable resources continue to decrease, thus people your healthcare concerns at risk. As insurance plans inflate to compete, many take the risk to avoid buying into this troublesome market. We all know somebody that does not have health insurance too. What a system. People requiring tons of medical care based on habits and deadly choices, while others can’t afford healthcare insurance and must remain safe and free from disease or illness. I think of some of my family members. All it would take is a disease or illness and they could lose it all.

How do we help this group of people?

     As a nurse for over 20 years and now involved in nursing administration, I feel it necessary to provide information to help people without health insurance stay as free from disease as possible. For all the reasons we don’t need to get into, you are at risk every time you leave your home. Did you know you are also at risk every time you stay in your home? Let me explain

Research is Key to Next Steps

     We typically spend the most of our lives in our home. We sleep there, eat there, enjoy family time, and have gatherings and company over. Our home is viewed as a safe haven, requiring very little thought into disease and illness. Sure if someone has a cold or the flu our home can be a breeding ground for sickness, however what we don’t think of is the long term risks we are at daily.


Welcome to a new Risk


Your home now has hidden dangers than can cause long term organ and system damage to your body. this study only focused on cleaning your home with house cleaners on a weekly basis. I think of those who clean daily! This is scary stuff that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The next time you are at the grocery store pay attention to the cleaning products. They are right next to air fragrance section. This is a strategy to block the smells and mask the hidden dangers.

The less variables you are exposed to, the better chances you are to not contract illness. When asked, many people speak to exercise, healthy eating, not smoking and so on when asked how they prevent disease. The majority of the country is unaware of the research done, thus they continue to buy products that place them and their families at major risk. Let’s not forget about your pets too!!

     So what can we do about this national problem? 

     What if I told you increasing your prevention efforts, reducing the probability for disease and illness, thus taking you more out of the equation to rely on our broken healthcare system that will hurt you financially, is much easier than you think.

My solution involves a conversation and presentation with myself to ensure you perform the correct risk assessment and switch out the products you need to, avoiding exposures you don’t need. Knowledge is power, however solutions are key!

With diminishing solutions, political corruption and disagreement, healthcare solutions struggle. Strategies must include ongoing prevention efforts to reduce the demands on an already taxing system. Increasing our efforts to reduce illness and disease will reduce the demands, thus allowing the current efforts to catch up to the future problems. We do not see opioid abuse going away, however we can prevent diseases related to exposure if we do the right thing.

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I am an online entrepreneur, business owner, mentor, coach, father, and More! Educating, teaching, and helping others become successful is the passion is life that drives my daily actions.

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