Prevention Will Save Health Care

Special Edition Post

An inside view by a Health Care Professional


“We have a 32 year old male on the way by EMS with a suspected drug overdose. Respirations are weak and shallow, we have provided reversal times 2 with no improvement in spontaneous respirations. Estimated time of arrival is 2 minutes”


The leading cause of death in America for 2018 is Opioid overdose. This epidemic is sweeping the country. Chances are everyone reading this post either knows someone or is aware of someone who overdosed on an opioid drug. This is one of the many new problems facing America’s healthcare situation.

As this crisis increases, valuable resources continue to decrease, thus people your healthcare concerns at risk. As insurance plans inflate to compete, many take the risk to avoid buying into this troublesome market. We all know somebody that does not have health insurance too. What a system. People requiring tons of medical care based on habits and deadly choices, while others can’t afford healthcare insurance and must remain safe and free from disease or illness. I think of some of my family members. All it would take is a disease or illness and they could lose it all.

How do we help this group of people?

     As a nurse for over 20 years and now involved in nursing administration, I feel it necessary to provide information to help people without health insurance stay as free from disease as possible. For all the reasons we don’t need to get into, you are at risk every time you leave your home. Did you know you are also at risk every time you stay in your home? Let me explain

Research is Key to Next Steps

     We typically spend the most of our lives in our home. We sleep there, eat there, enjoy family time, and have gatherings and company over. Our home is viewed as a safe haven, requiring very little thought into disease and illness. Sure if someone has a cold or the flu our home can be a breeding ground for sickness, however what we don’t think of is the long term risks we are at daily.


Welcome to a new Risk


Your home now has hidden dangers than can cause long term organ and system damage to your body. this study only focused on cleaning your home with house cleaners on a weekly basis. I think of those who clean daily! This is scary stuff that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The next time you are at the grocery store pay attention to the cleaning products. They are right next to air fragrance section. This is a strategy to block the smells and mask the hidden dangers.

The less variables you are exposed to, the better chances you are to not contract illness. When asked, many people speak to exercise, healthy eating, not smoking and so on when asked how they prevent disease. The majority of the country is unaware of the research done, thus they continue to buy products that place them and their families at major risk. Let’s not forget about your pets too!!

     So what can we do about this national problem? 

     What if I told you increasing your prevention efforts, reducing the probability for disease and illness, thus taking you more out of the equation to rely on our broken healthcare system that will hurt you financially, is much easier than you think.

My solution involves a conversation and presentation with myself to ensure you perform the correct risk assessment and switch out the products you need to, avoiding exposures you don’t need. Knowledge is power, however solutions are key!

With diminishing solutions, political corruption and disagreement, healthcare solutions struggle. Strategies must include ongoing prevention efforts to reduce the demands on an already taxing system. Increasing our efforts to reduce illness and disease will reduce the demands, thus allowing the current efforts to catch up to the future problems. We do not see opioid abuse going away, however we can prevent diseases related to exposure if we do the right thing.

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Is Automation the Right Answer?

Bringing the Gap Between Technology


Good Old Fashion Conversation


The age of technology! With Face book, Twitter, Instagram, and every other app created and to be created, no wonder so many turn to automation to earn their riches online. The new norm and the commonality is to whip out the smart phone, click an app and send out link to a million people and presto, instant money!

apple applications apps cell phone
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Is automation the right answer when it comes to building your business, your brand, your income? Before we can answer this, first what does automation actually mean? It’s important to understand what automation looks like to you, the marketer in order to understand the answer I am about to provide. Automation can be defined as a state of being operated automatically (Merriam-Webster).

As a marketer, entrepreneur, business owner, is you intention to make your entire operation work on auto-pilot? Does this include any conversation, direct interaction, or personalized branding? Do you intend on running your business thru a series of internet links thru high caliber traffic, where based on percentage and clicks, you are bound to earn some commissions due to a high converting page?

Chances are you are struggling with your business strategy and ability to fully automate your business? Wrong assumption? Maybe you are here to implement new strategies to your already successful business model? Regardless, take a moment to read thru this strategy. Implementing automation using good old fashion conversation in a form of set-it and forget it approach may have astounding affects on your business.

Bringing Conversation into Automation

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This simple, power strategy may be exactly what your business needs. By bridging the gap between good old fashion conversation and automation, you are able to increase engagement, while branding your personality, strengths, powers of persuasion and beyond. Imagine letting people know what you think, your ideas, thoughts, understanding, and views while automatically bringing people to your offer? The ROI is an ongoing “use” of a powerful, FREE site that increases your exposure, while automating your back offer. This investment of your time can equals thousands of views to who you are, driving people to your offer thru your profile. Let me explain in more detail!

Introducing a less than saturated place to increase your exposure!

quara      Quora is a free site that lets you market yourself through your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, creativity, by answering and asking questions. Sounds so simply, this must be a joke?  Let me ask you a question? Does 40K views to an answer you give someone looking for specific help in a target niche your business is related to sound like a joke?

Let me break down a little further!

Say you own a business in the weight loss industry. You logged into Quora and search “How do I lose weight?”. To your amazement questions pop up from 20 people looking for help losing weight in the last 2 hours. SO what do you do??? Please don’t say answer their question with a link!



Here is a step-by-step way to increase your exposure to a laser targeted market looking for exactly what you have to offer!

STEP #1: Create your profile on Quora: This is where you create the automation portion of the process. A profile that is mysterious, offers solutions, and drives traffic is your goal here. My Profile is based on The Challenge! I provide enough information to target the right audience while providing the mystery needed to click my pages.   Check it out here as an example. This is the one of the most critical steps. Put some time and energy into this!! Look at My Profile Before Moving On

STEP #2: Now that you have a great profile that will draw attention and mystery, making people click your links, its time to get people to your profile! Quora is full of actively engaged viewers seeking help for their direct problem.

Now for some thinking!……

Write down 5 ways your business can help someone. I suggest you keep this saved on your desktop where it can be easily retrieved and viewed. I keep mine as a sticky note. Here are my 5 solutions:

  1. Provides people with a safer, cleaner home
  2. Allows people to shop for many products in 1 easy place
  3. Helps people become healthier by losing weight, reducing inflammation, pain, blood glucose and more.
  4. Plant-based, eco-friendly products
  5. Provides a solid business platform to earn monthly income

STEP #3: Search for questions that your business can answer. I will use my 5 examples to help you.

Search: Are home cleaning products safe?

Results: “What are some good natural home cleaning products?”

Click on this and select answer. Here is a scripted type answer I provide that allows me to shows my level of understanding, awareness, passion, and understanding to the question, thus wanting the person or others to click to my profile.

Answer: “It is so important to look for natural home clean products. I appreciate you asking this as it helps bring an awareness to this huge problem we are facing! As a healthcare provider, I see the impact toxic home cleaners have on people all the time. The level of urgency to get these products out of your home, away from your kids and pets is beyond high. Since you are asking this question I see you understand this and need an answer to this question now! What I recommend are plant-based products that are backed by a company dedicated and committed in customer service, family, health, and wellness. Another important factor involves products made in the USA. Customer testimonial is another huge variable to look at. After all, I don’t want to buy something that increases my child’s asthma or gets my dog sick after she sniffs around the carpet. Look for products that not only are plant-based, free from toxic chemicals, but DO NOT require a child proof cap. This is exactly what I did and now my home, family, and pets are much safer.”

STEP #4 – After entering answer Click to share on Facebook and Twitter gaining more exposure!

I recommend you answer between 5-10 questions a day. Always provide value without spamming. This is a wonderful place that does not have the SPAM laws Face book has, BUT let’s keep it that way. The more people that flood Quora and do this, the more likely it will. Please honor this amazing place. The more value you add will provide the good old conversation necessary, while coupling it to an automated processes. Find laser targeted customers, offering them your knowledge and solution, thus drawing them to your offer.

I recommend you continue the conversation with HOT prospects who reach out, go thru your funnels, and so on. Especially if your offer includes network marketing and is based on a solid business relationship. Affiliate offers that convert are a different story. Regardless what you do with this exposure, views, and leads rests in your hands. Try new things, learn, and grow!

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Subject Matter Experts

#1 Trend that Drives Business Success

According to: FORBES 


According to Forbes article “Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2017”, subject matter experts ranked as the top trend. The reason for this is rather simple. The articles explains three different buying personas: order taker, sales person, and the subject matter expert. Of these three personas, which would you rather meet with? The salesperson trying to sell you something and meet a quota or the person with the expertise and knowledge of the product or situation?

Identities of a True Subject Matter Expert

  1. Documented history of working in the expert identified area
  2. They have actually rolled up their sleeves and performed the work throughout their career in the field.
  3. Solid understanding of industry best practice in order to help your small business model.
  4. Understanding of user and customer needs  in order to solve problems and desires for both groups.
  5. Lower overall business costs in terms of projects while delivering quickly.

How to Obtain A subject Matter Expert?

     If you are active in a small business or home based business, finding a subject matter expert may pose challenges. Typically the SME is a top performer in your business industry. Through research of your niche, you may reach out to top performers and request their help. Chances are you will be asked to “work for them” in their perspective business. Once you join you may or may not hear receive the help you need. The 2018 trend for SME requires paying for top coaches and mentors upwards of $150-$350 per hour. The challenges of finding and retaining a SME for your business is not a simple feat. You must be focuesed while using a lot of finesse to actually obtain them once found.

Further reading: 7 Tips to Find the Right Subject Matter Expert for Your eLearning Project


What if you had a SME handed to you?


Picture this: “You have a person of interest for your business. You chit chat for a little bit and slowly bring up your business. You literally tell the person of a great opportunity and that is it. The person is curious and you would like to hear more. You give their contact information to your subject matter expert and move on. Later you hear this person is in your business and thriving.”

This practice is powerful for a number of reasons:

  • The SME actively is involved in the business, the business model, and the products
  • The SME is a master at communication, relationship building, and helping people solve problems
  • The SME is an actual part of your team and your success leads to their success

True Story of How our Subject Matter Expert Grew my business:

I received a phone call Tuesday evening from my company owner and founder. You see I had introduced someone to our business model a few months ago. The prospect was interested, however had concerns. We chatted o n and off and then lost contact. As a small business owner I accepted my loss and moved on. The call I received was to let me know this prospect had joined with me and began his journey. Our SME had been in contact frequently and helped this prospect solve a major problem in their life using our business. I now have a dedicated customer and business partner in a prospect I moved past months ago.

If you would like to work for an amazing business with the SME built into the existing model, Please Contact me: John Green

Stop Doing these 4 things Immediately

Online Business Owners

These 4 things are killing your business

     If you are doing these 8 things online, STOP immediately. These actions could be hurting your business, your image, credibility, and time. Focus your time and energy on personal branding, conversation, and relationship building.

SPAM is Nasty

#4 – Perception is 9/10 of the law!

What you do online and how often you do it can give people the wrong idea. People typically want to work online because they need more income, however have limited time. The perception of needing to work hours a day is a quick turn-off. Be cognizant of this when you show prospects what your up to online. They may walk away saying “I could never do all that!” Take the slow approach and make it look simple. Initially people need to take things in small doses. The more excited you become as you create project after project may repel more people you think. Spend time focused on a couple projects and opportunities. Stay consistent and ease each new prospect into the world slowly.

#3 – Stop spinning generic articles

I have to laugh when I see this technique. Spend $35 for 8 articles for your blog. The last thing you want to do is plaster duplicate, generic content all over your blog or website. Make your posts unique and viable. Have some decency people! Understand your target audience and write posts that will attract their attention. Search engines are smarter and rank higher based on engagement and all the other SEO factors out there. I do recommend you write for your audience and not for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In addition, stop adding these as blog comments. Most blogs today take your comments and mark them as spam. Take the time and write decent comments and avoid the whole “great post “Link”

#2 – Act like someone is always watching….because they are!

I see this all the time. I get a social media request from someone looking to “add me to an amazing business”. So naturally I would like to know who I would be working with. Next, I am going to look at your profile and your posts. For the love of humanity, stop airing your dirty laundry everywhere, vulgar language, and political views. People will judge you and judge you quickly. People are always looking so act like it. If this is your style I suggest you change it or get out of the business. Not good for personal branding.

#1 – Diarrhea of the mouth

I know that is a visual you didn’t need, but that’s exactly what people do. The initial connection is made and then “blah blah blah blah, link, blah blah, I’m the best, bla blah blah my business blah blah”  I usually respond with nothing or “hey how is this style working for you?” Which, by the way is a clever technique to reverse engineer. Think about the business relationship like a personal one, do you ask the pretty girl to get married and have 5 kids after the first 14 minutes?



This doesn’t deserve a number, however if it’s not mentioned you may continue to do it….





Links be dropping all over the place

Not even a “hello” first…The nerve


Spend your time wisely! Learn the art of conversation. Let it take a course on it’s own. Natural insertion of your solution to someone’s problem goes a long way. If your going to drop links, do it in the right places that ask for them. I just don’t see any value in this and see it as a waste of time. Facebook groups are full of this practice. At least drop a link that has valuable help to start building a connection. Now you are all set to market better. Go out there and STOP doing these things and you will be better off!

















Mix Things Up

How To Avoid Complacency in Business

“To move forward, one need only take the first step” (Chase Neill)


There you are, the solid business owner! Working the grind every day, with or without engagement, you work hard to grow your income. What happens if complacency sets in? To help you answer this question, let me define complacency:

Complacency: A feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder (Reference)

You took the first step to move forward, so now what? You try methods to engage people in your business, throw some links around, and sit back. Things go well for a while and you accept your abilities and the way things are. I see this all the time. People become complacent with their lives and accept their abilities. When this happens, forward growth may stop. We become bored or feel that success isn’t possible. You resort back to the daily grind and stop challenging yourself. I would like to “rekindle” the feeling you had when you first jumped into online business and took the step to move your life forward.

In order to avoid complacency, you need to try new things with your business. When things happen (even minor things) the passion fuels your motivation and great things can happen. Here are few things that are working for me to keep this fuel burning!

Here are some new things to try!

  • New Places to go for Leads and active engagement:

APP Gets You More Business Leads   

         Lead Generation Ideas 2018 

         How to Get 200 People to Join Your Offer in 2 Days


These 3 steps will get you more leads and engagement than anything I know! Watch this killer video and start implementing this strategy for your business now:

Watch this Video: Make $25 over and over again


 Does Your Team Help You Avoid Complacency?

People who push you uphill, take you to the top!



Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

The Driving Force Behind Success

     You walk up to the podium and look out at the crowd. Over 5,000 people eagerly waiting to hear what you have to say. Pens and notebooks ready to hear your words of inspiration. They have waited months to get an opportunity to see you live, hoping to take away a single nugget that can help them blow up their little business into an empire. You begin to speak……

     I am sure many people reading this right now have closed theri eyes and visualized this achievement. Yes my friedns, when you make to this level, achievement is an understatemnt. If you engage people to this level, well you have reached success in any business industry. Now I want to ask you a simple question. If this was you walking to the podium, what would be your first few words?

     “You are all me a single year ago…..”


     Think about it…We all started at the beginning of this journey at some point…..


As an industry leader in HealthCare, I learned years ago to be successful I needed to engage my team thru a vareity of motivational tactics. I did not start out as a Director, rather a simple staff member who wanted to make things better for my unit, hospital, industry, country, and well human species. Words are very powerful when spoken consistently and at the right time.

Words have been the ammunition that has changed mankind many times both for good and not so good purposes. I encourage you to understand how to use the right words at the right time to engage people in achieving the success the person walking to the podium filled with people has obtained.

I have been there one time in my medical career and it felt amazing. I had an opportunity to share my ideas on safe nurse staffing influence thru patient thru-put. It was amazing to hear people implementing my ideas in their hospitals. This was a level I had dreamed about and it all came to fruition based on using the right words at the right time!

3 Tips for Any Industry 

     #1 – Provide your staff, team, and/or audience with a pleasant environment. If you have a powerful message, giving it during a heated argument, tough situation, basically the wrong time, WON’T WORK! I often wait for the right times to have certain conversations with my teams No Matter How Much I Want TO Shout It Out! I feel you have a single opportunity to deliver a powerful message with the intention it is meant to have. People process information and when they hear it again it may not have the strength behind it. You want that first time to hit your audience like a ton of bricks (In a Good Way 🙂

#2 – Offer and Provide every opportunity for self-development within your team and audience. People want to know how to improve their lives thru improving their ways, experiences, interactions, and relationships with others. Self development is a powerful tool that can stabalize and strengthen ongoing engagement and interaction. Teams that master this often go far in the business industry. Teams that master this provide better services to their clients (patient’s) and practically everyone else they interact with.

#3 – Never Punish Failure! If we never try new things and fall flat on our faces, we will never know what will and will not work in an industry. It is funny as I always tell people the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Remember, people are creatures of habit. We must encourage them to break habits and even try things that are uncomfortable in order to find ways to be successful. This is true for any industry you explore.


You need to start somewhere! If you are new to online business, start with positive posts in your social media. Provide information that is valuable and refrain from letting everyone know your personal problems and struggles. Think of your online presence as the environment you are exposing your audience to. Never make this environment unpleasant. I often see this as one of the top reasons people struggle. If you were going to join a store and you entered it and the employees were talking about their relationship issues, co-worker issues, and were rude, would you shop there? Create your online environment the way you want your real environment to look. People want to connect with you and instantly smile or change their mood in a positive way. I don’t want to spend money when I am in a bad mood!

Teach people things that will help them. What are you good at? We all have skills that can help someone else. This is why I love Youtube videos so much! I can fix almost anything because of Youtube!! (Guys you know what I mean so don’t even deny it! You had no clue what some of those parts were under the hood until Youtube came along! LOL) Self development is so much fun. Offer people something on a routine basis. Skills and tools come in handy when you least expect it. The more, the better! Your team and audience will thank you someday.

Never, ever compare yourself or gloat about your successes. People be waiving cash all over saying it took them 5 minutes to make it! My favorite, join this business because we are successful and your not. Sorry to say this, but it is the truth….

If you have the right attitude, skills, personality, you can sell anything regardless of what it is. I rememebr working with a great partner who could sell “salt water in the middle of the ocean!”

Get people engaged and motivated to try new things, interact, make their environment positive and healthy and people will want to hear you someday walk up to the podium and pour your passion thru words.

Have an amazing journey my Friends!

5 Keys for a Smart Business

5 Keys for a Smart Business

     Successful businesses contain key elements. When these elements are missing, entrepreneurs struggle and expereince loss. Your time and energy is valuable, start believing this. Arm your-self with knowlege and start living and stop struggling. Here is an overview of each of these 5 keys to look for in a successful business.

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  1. A fun business that works – You can join hundreds of businesses that pay you for working online. Why not work for a business that is fun? Make sure you enjoy what you do or else it will be miserable. If you are miserable and just “trying” to make money, chances are you will hop to soemthing else before you can even break even. When business is fun, you enjoy it and stick with it!
  2. Reliable Income from a proven system – You will put time and energy into this. The last thing you need is a business that doen’t pay you. Make sure your business has a proven commission structure and has income potential that rewards you for your time and energy.
  3. Step-by-step training and support – Business is hard enough to have to stop and elarn every step of it on your own. Training and support are absolutely critical for your survival and success. Too many businesses out there provide limted support or charge you for support. The more support, help, guidence, and mentorship you have, the more you will grow and prosper.
  4. Work Part-time or Full-time – Find a business that allows you the freedom to work, grow, and earn regardless of the amount of time you put into it. Chances are you currently work full time in a regular job. You are turning to a home based business in order to add extra income and possibly quit your regular job. If your business base structure remains solid while you slowly grow, time can be divided up. This gives you more time with your friends and family and allows you to have a life.
  5. Risk Free & Money Back Guarantee – In order to be a member or affiliate of a business, chances are you will pay a monthly fee. Think of this as a franchise fee. If you own a franchise company such as “Dunkin-Donuts” you will pay fees regardless if your store makes a profit. This is risky and requires tons of up front capital. Look for a business that does not require up front capital. Actually, look for a company that provides you with solid products for a commissioned member with them. If you are not satisfied this business MUST refund your money. No questions asked!

Critically Examine your Current Business

     Reflecting on what brought you to owning and building a home based business will help you understand if you are in the right one. Be open adn honest with yourself. You want to understand if the business you promote truly reflects your personal beliefs and characteristics. To all those out in internet land promoting “get rich” quick schemes to pocket money, is this who you truly are? Do you promote products you don’t actually use? DO you promise unrealistic goals and fantasy? It is alright to be honest with yourself. We all jump into businesses for the goal to make money, to find out it’s full of empty promises. Reflect on the five keys for a fun business and compare what you are doing to what you want to do.

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Stop struggling and begin Living the life you want running the fun business you want!