Online Business in 3 Steps: The Blog!

What if reaching your goal was as easy as steps 1, 2, and 3?

3 Steps to Business Success


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am excited you are here and must ask you an initial question right away: Why are you here? This is the most critical step to this whole process and if you are unsure I encourage you to pause and think about this for a moment. You may know right away and quick to answer. Usually when I ask people this I hear responses like, “I want to make more money”, “I want to work from home and get away from the rat race”, and “I want to get rich!”. Well I am here, true and blue to tell you that you must think deeper than this. Think about what you really want out of life. Think about why you want to make $1,000 , $2,000, $10,000 a month working from your home at your own pace and own schedule.

Let this question sink in and dance around your mind for awhile as you continue to read this. Once more thoughts pop into your head, open up a notebook or document on your computer or phone and write at the top in bold: WHY I AM DOING THIS? Fill this is either now or later, coming back to it to add more or edit it. Keep this posted where you will see it everyday. Believe me, you will need this to motivate you thru the days when nothing seems to go well, no one responds to you, and most importantly you feel like giving up. Keep this as your motivation. I also keep this cartoon handy! It is inspiring and keeps me going every day!

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In this first blog post, my goal is to cast a general overview of the three steps, with the majority of the blog devoted to steps #2 and #3. Step #1 is the actual business. Believe it or not, my intention is not to turn you onto my business offer. Yes, in all transparency I am a business builder and rely on people joining as both customers and marketers, however I have learned to provide value to my readers and audience. You see, LESSON #1, value based information is the best form of conversation you can have, PERIOD! Value is makes you stand out from the others. And this my friend should be one of your main goals. If you don’t stand out during this business building adventure, the odds are against you. Online business owners face a 95% failure rate and I don’t know about you, I am willing to do what it takes to be in the 5%! AM I there yet? No, again full transparency I have learned some tough lessons working online and have lost money and even been scammed. My goals are to blog away, sharing what’s in my mind based on my leadership qualities as a Master’s Degree Nurse Administration, prior brick and mortar business owner, and now online business owner. SO, without further adieu, let me tell you about these 3 simple, yet powerful steps to building an online business.

Step #1

As I already mentioned, this is the business you wish to join and/or build. People often get this first step wrong. Let me explain! You see I am a nurse and my passion lies in health and wellness, healthy habits, preventing chronic illness, raising your family in a safe environment, and being an informed consumer. Why on earth would I work for a business that sells business reports as the main product to basically earn money? There is no passion in this for me and chances are I am going to be bored within a month or tow. I know this and my customers know this. I can’t pick up the phone and have a real, energetic conversation talking about stuff I am not entirely passionate or interested in. This needs to make sense to you before you go any further. You see you have your why (or your still thinking about it), NOW you need your WHAT.

Your business will be your what for other people. What will you help people solve? I recommend finding a business that your passionate about and that can offer solutions to people in more than one way. For example businesses that offer weight loss products to prospects looking to solve a problem: needing to lose weight, PLUS offering an opportunity for someone looking to make additional income. You can build a customer only base and a customer/business partner base. Most network marketing customers work off commissions as various levels. This is a structure I highly recommend. Let me tell you why!

First, people can make money taking a different route. This is the affiliate marketing route. You post a link and hope people to click it and join based on the offer the link takes them too. If the product costs the consumer $100, the affiliate may make $25 off the sale. This is generally a one time sale and is dependent on repeated conversions to keep making money. Many people are good at this, however it is fully dependent on your ability to drive traffic online to your offer. I have gone down this road many times and found one thing to be true: A large percentage of my conversions required up front work on my end. I would get the contact information from the person who clicked my link and have to work the lead to get the sale. For a one time sale, this was not worth my time and energy. Now let me tell you why network marketing and businesses are a stronger fit.

When you are educated on what your business offers and how it can solve problems for people, you are prepared to go out into the online world and meet prospects. Like affiliate marketing, you will need to put in some time and energy helping people understand how you can help them. This time and energy will lead to a sale now and then (hopefully more now) The connection and business relationship you create will help keep this person in your business month after month. This is what we call your return on Investment (ROI). If you invest a week talking to a prospect and building a strong connection and they stay an active customer for years to come, well jack pot!

Now take this strategy for customers looking at your products or offer and then teach them how to build a residual income. Mentor them to follow your lead and as they grow a business, this impacts your business. Most network marketing companies pay commissions as people bring in people and so on. It is important to know this prior to joining. The more levels, the more opportunity to earn as you grow and build a business team. I still must warn you, let passion help drive this. In my opinion and experience of 10 years, just building a business to make money is not the right passion you need. People can see right thru this. Let the products, the concepts, the help you give to others drive your passion and the rest will fall into place.

I am not here to pitch you a business opportunity. Most people I mentor and work with already have a business. I am here to help them learn to prospect and build positive relationships needed. Regardless, people do struggle and I often find myself helping them find a business. I run a Facebook group: Online Business in 3 Steps.   The great part about networking is I become aware of so many businesses and offers that I can help play match maker. I chat a little with someone in my group struggling with step 1 and help connect them to people within my group based on what their offer is. I get satisfaction when a solid connection is made, a person applies my step 2 and 3 strategy and starts making money. This makes me feel on top of the world. Again, full transparency, sometimes my business offer is the right connection but it is the persons decision based on what they are looking for to fulfill their why and what!

Step #2

This is where I intend spending most of my time and energy helping people. Let me back it way up to last week (feels like months ago now!) I went into a group and did a Face Book Live video. The video was based on a simple technique I started doing in messenger. The video blew up and I had more engagement than I expected. It caught me off guard and made me really think. People found such value in this little tip I gave them that they were willing to comment and follow me and stay engaged with me. This lead me to creating me Face book group. The engagement remained high. My group members are like sponges, waiting for my next tip bit of information or live video. When I make a recommendation they do it and comment. It’s been super exciting for me. Let me get back on track!

The reason I have people following me and coming to me is based on 1 simple reason. I was able to add value for them. I gave them a solution to their problem, how to get people to interact to their posts. Members in other groups are posting and receiving no engagement. I helped them learn how to interact people to make them engaged. My engagement with people went thru the roof. I shared this and now it’s to the moon. LOL

If you haven’t guessed by now, step #2 is all about finding prospects. Knowing where to look for prospects will make the difference of spending time, receiving a ton of rejection, and getting frustrated and wanting to quite. DON’T! Look at the WHY sitting on your desktop and arm yourself with knowledge!! Learn where to go to find the right prospects for your what! I share as many secrets as I can in my group and will in this blog too! Knowing how to find laser targeted people to give a solution to their problem makes all of this so much easier. The old saying “he can sell ice to an Eskimo” does not need to be the case here. I am not a BS type of person and want to find people who already have one foot in the door for my opportunity based on where and how I found them. I share my strategies in depth. I bring you to places like and teach you to answer questions based on what people are looking for that you can help with. NO,NO,NO, you don’t go dropping some link expecting to build a customer base. But this blog and my group will tell you what to do and say and how to build a connection, leading to the all important step #2 of this journey. In addition, I have a “few” more places I go to find laser targeted prospects. OH YEAH, another tip. Back to step #1. The more what your business offers, the more places you can go in step #2. I suggest 4 to 5 solid what can my business do for you answers. Let me give you a little glimpse in the

True story and how one of my Online Business in 3 Steps members did after consulting with me: My man Vlad, sells television packages. Of course this was not a fit for me as I explained to him I am a dish owner and get unlimited wireless based on this. Regardless I learned a bit and was ready to offer his opportunity to others looking for step #1 (Are you seeing how this works yet?) Vlad started answering questions in . He would message me and ask when he can drop his business link in the answer. I would tell him “Not until the person asks for it! Patience. Given them a great answer first based on helping them with their question” He did this and started building some contacts that could trust him. Next I helped him figure out how to ask questions that would benefit him. Boy was this cool! I told him to ask a questions “What is your favorite television series” He began having conversations and the next thing I know he made a sale!! He was able to provide a solution based on general conversation that lead to someone wanting what he had to offer. He never dropped his link. If he would have done this, chances are no one would have taken him seriously. Another person in here spamming us. Please don’t get any ideas. I love this platform and people haven’t attacked it yet throwing links everywhere! Go ahead and bookmark this blog so as I continue to share strategies, you will have them for your immediate use!

Step #3

Knowing where and what to look for in a prospect helps step #3, however this is still an art form. Good old fashion conversation that leads to a natural progression of problem solving and business building. As you talk and build a relationship, you will learn how to ask the question is a way that doesn’t feel like your a salesman or with an agenda. This takes some practice and trial and error, however once you get a technique is just like riding a bike!

I like to naturally invite prospects to my opportunity in a way that feels inviting and informative. My next tip that I preach about a lot in my group is, invite people to a live meeting. I suggest using ZOOM. It is free and easy to use and people generally are aware of it today. Thru conversation I may learn someone is struggling with asthma. I can suggest some reasons why and offer them a solution based on the products my business carry. It may go like this:

“Yeah, asthma can be dangerous. As a nurse I see the impacts. 9 out of 10 times it is triggered by an environmental exposure. What do you clean your house with?” The usual answer is “ajax, bleach, pine-sol” and so on. “These products are equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years. No wonder your asthma is so bad”. This leads to “how can I change this”

This is now a natural progression to “Can I call you so we can talk in more detail” or “Can you go onto zoom and I can provide you an overview of a company that offers products that will help?”

My passion drives this because I believe in what I am doing and in my company and the fact that they will help this person or their family. People can pick up this, trust me and then move forward. The best part is the follow up. Hearing how the products have cleaned their home and reduced their asthma because they are all natural. Customers for life. This may lead to “you love the products, how about earning money recommending them to friends?” Now I have a stronger business due to the tiers.

This is it for now. A general 3 step to building your online business. More specifics to come as I learn and experiment. I want to teach you to master steps #2 and #3. My hope is you will interact with this blog. Drop comments. Share with friends. Share with people in your own business. Let my work and efforts help you teach your business prospects to do the same thing I am teaching you. This can become contagious! Let’s increase the 5% success rate!!!

That is all for now…My brain is tired and I need to refresh it. Get going with you why and what and stay tuned!!


I just created a live video and talked more about the why and the what. If you are not passionate about what you are doing then this is like putting down a major highway on a moped!! When you are passionate and love the opportunity your business can provide and the solutions it has for you and your prospects, now your on a Harley-Davidson CVO Streetglide pushing 120 mph!! The more passion, the greater the why, and understanding what your business can do for others, the easier to narrow down your audience and invite them to a solution (your business!)

As you do this, don’t hesitate to jump on Facebook and go live about what or why you are doing what your doing. Let people meet you, understand you, and experience your passion. It goes a long way, easy to do and less time consuming. Make the videos 5-10 minutes and when people view you, interact with them. Engagement is the key to a successful business. Acknowledge, ask them how they are and let it go from there. The more comments on your Facebook feed, the more your story drives to the top of your friends list, creating more interest. I encourage daily activity like this to let people you literally mean business and are serious. Let it be raw, but allow enough mystery to stimulate questions. Then turn your Facebook profile into a funnel!! This is another post for another day. I have been at it all day with videos and posts and all. If you want to see them go to my my group! ONLINE BUSINESS in 3 STEPS



You have an amazing business and know exactly how it can help others. You have studies the what and how and are now ready to “find” prospects that may be interested or in need of what you have to offer. The first question you find yourself asking is, “Where am I going to find people?” WARNING: Do not go directly to your friends and family and you will soon find yourself in the NFL Club (No Friends Left!). Let me share a few of my top places to hang out as I build my business.

My Favorite Places to Find Prospects



MLM Gateway –  This is a great place to meet other network marketers and online business owners. Most to all of the people you meet here will already be involved in a business. The key here is make connections and thru general conversation introduce your business solutions that may help them. For example my primary business may not be a solution, however when you have more than one opportunity, you have more options to help. Let me give you an example of a conversation thru time….

“Hey nice to connect. Hope your day is going great” (ME)

“Your welcome John! My day is amazing. Hope yours is too!” (Prospect)

“What brings you to MLM Gateway? What have you been working on?” (Me)

“I am in a great opportunity called MCA! Have you heard o fit? I can get you in and making $40 payments over and over” (Prospect)

“Yes I have heard of it! How are you marketing it? Are you building an E-Mail list?” (Me)

“I am in Facebook groups and posting ads, but not E-Mail marketing. How do I do that?” (Prospect)

“Let me introduce you to a free trial platform called The Conversion Pros that has all the tools in a single place needed to market MCA. From capture pages, webinars, and E-mail autoresponders, these tools can help you build leads and capture information from prospects you may have not known visited your pages.” (Me)

“Wow, free tools? Can I have more information?” (Prospect)

“Yes just visit HERE for a free 7 day trial and see if these tools help out your MCA business!”


I was able to help the MCA owner with solutions to their marketing needs. The great thing here is I use these tools to build my primary business, however if I can help a prospect and earn a small commission, this is a win-win. I keep the options open as I build business relationships. When people use these tools and love them, chances are they will stay connected and open to additional opportunities down the road.

Additional benefits of MLM Gateway includes Business Announcements. I write them frequently to gain views and exposure. The more I write, the more connections I gain. Here is an example of a business announcement I wrote: Do You Hate Calling Leads?


IboToolBox – Another great place like MLM Gateway, however I call this the Facebook for business people. You can post on the wall, write articles that are picked up by google, associate request, send private messages, chat in real time, post advertisements, and more. I recommend building the same style of connection as in MLM Gateway. Many to all members you meet will already be involved in a business. Your goal here is to build connections, offer value when possible, and never spam people.

Here is my profile and press releases to give you some examples: MY PROFILE 

Face book – How to use Face Book the right way

Step 1: Building the correct Profile that can work for you and not against you. The concept of creating a profile to act as a funnel will help you find prospects thru daily Facebook posts, lives, and continued interactions. View my Profile Here to see how I have turned my profile into a funnel. My funnel is looking for prospects who wish to make a living online and earn $3K a month. Once they go thru my funnel I stay in connection thru messenger connections, E-Mails, and Texts. I do make phone calls and set up Zoom meetings  at the prospects request.

Now you have a Facebook funnel, and?

You will want to add value to your daily feed daily. My best suggestion is ask questions in an interactive way to allow people to answer thru out the day. When people answer, always reply. The more comments the more exposure this post has. As people share and interact, many times they will go to your profile to see what your up to or for more information. I suggest you go Live often and interact and ask questions. I enjoy going live and interacting with people. I am not there to talk about my business but to add value. I challenge people to improve their lives thru cleaner homes and safer lives for their pets. I talk about motivation and commitment.

I join groups that are ran by influential people. When they go live I like to interact with them to build further exposure. Your goal here is to have them say your name and interact for others to see thru the life of the video. Continue to add value with all your comments and be supportive. In addition to these groups, I encourage NOT to just posts spam links all over groups. I provide solutions for people who have pets. I offer healthy, plant-based home cleaners. Normal home cleaners can make pets sick. I interact in a couple dog lovers groups and bring this up when I feel an opportunity.

If you are in MLM Groups and make money online groups, your goal is to interact with people. Ask questions, take polls, add value that leads to a conversations. The great thing here is once you connect you can then use messenger. I suggest you click the microphone and send a voice introduction “Hey, thanks for connecting with me and answering my questions in the group! How are you?”

Remember! Your goal is to build connections and start conversations and allow natural progression to your business solution!!



What To Say Matters


I have adopted many different techniques and I encourage you to play around with these. This is an art form, one that I adapt based on my connection is going with the prospects or if my results have been slow all day. Practice with these scrips or keep them open somewhere when you interact with text or in a messenger platform.


The What Brings to The Group Technique:

You find yourself in Facebook groups, seeing the same old “Make $10,000 a day doing what I do” – You get the point I hope!

I will like the post and maybe throw in a comment “Thanks for helping others make money!” 9/10 times this leads to a reply or a message. I chit chat for a minute or two and then say this:

“What is your situation bringing you into this group?”

I have received a variety of answers from “I make a ton of money and want to help others too” to the “I want to work from home and support my family”. I typically don’t spend too much time with the people making a ton of money in Facebook groups (we know isn’t the case, not posting spam everywhere, anyways!) I focus on the person looking to work from home.

“Tell me how much money a week would you need to make to stay at home with your kids?”

Based on this answer I will reply with “Ok, so to make $500 a week, in my company you would need to be a D3. We can get you there in 2 months!”

This takes the conversation into a new direction, leading to my presentation.

Practice this technique and see how it works for you. Let it flow naturally. Use that opener of what has you here posting ads?? Right, it gives the person an opportunity to share their goals and then you have the opportunity to offer a solution!


marketing man person communication
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I need your opinion technique!

I tried this today on 10 people who send me friend requests (The whole Facebook funnel things works!) I sent an audio message in messenger stating

“Hey thanks for connecting with me. I am happy to meet you. I know your time is valuable but when you have a few minutes I would love to get your opinion on something!”

7 out of 10 replied today! Of them, 5 wanted to hear more after:

“Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah its 90% visual, so can I send you a short video when you have time to watch?”

I sent my video presentation to 5 people in this trial. 50% of my new connections hearing my business proposal. Talk about cold market meets hot market after a few scripted audio clips!

One did go on to tell me I should post my video on my live feed because after all I did ask for his opinion! LOL -SO I did!

For the most part I recommend natural conversation that leads to understanding some pain points a person is feeling. When you make this connection and can naturally offer a solution, customer conversions go up. Whether you are looking for customers to buy your products or marketers to build your down line, understand how you can help them.

I had a really amazing conversation that developed over a few months where the person connected with me to help him as a mentor. He is currently still debating whether to join my business, however I continue to work with him and help him. I recently coined a phrase in my Face book group :Proactive Prospecting

My theory is this:

If you can teach and mentor people before they join your business, the learning curve is decreased. This means the prospect has a pretty good idea understanding what is expected of them, how to find people to build their business well in advance. This way when they join you they have a higher probability of obtaining some immediate satisfaction, thus keeping them in your business. I find retention rates are low in network marketing companies when new joins take 3-4 weeks to figure it out, just to have to pay monthly fees. Chances are high they will jump ship. I say, teach them before. I recommend working with the person for a few weeks in advance. You can even make this a requirement to ensure they will successful. Be up front! Try it.


I have used the #proactiveprospecting method now with 5 people. Three of them had leads before they joined my business. I helped them with their lists and learn how to market. This provided stability in my business, of course helped the new people stay since they were making money, and duplicatable!

I recommend you try this method and begin sharing with cold to warm leads to entice them further. One of my leads wanted nothing to do with online business, however due to this technique was able to start due to the excitement he had with his list. Once he mastered his list and lead generation he needed an offer to put in front of them. Of course he was ready fro my business opportunity. This whole process took a couple months but well worth the investment of time and energy.