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Magnet attracts the spheres
Magnetize your Business

How would you like to draw people to you like a magnet?

What would 6-10 new people a day do for your business?


Did your up-line lie to you or worse not provide you with any help as when you joined your new business? Have you been trained to to make a list of everyone you know, call them, and pester them to join your business. Are you now in the NFL – No Friends Left Club?

This is the unfortunate cycle that most people fall into when they start an online business, ultimately causing them to fail!

You are here because you are searching for  anew way. You are sick of rejection and tired of people getting you to join their business just to wind up flat on your face. No one to help, the same old generic stay positive and keep at it lines. Well, Struggle No More!

Simply changing your strategy RIGHT NOW can turn things around immediately




These 3 Simple Tips Will Change Everything



Selling is the biggest problem online business owners and MLM/network marketers do to fail. Your first impulse is to make ads telling everyone how great your opportunity or product is and plaster it everywhere, call everyone you know, and well “sell, sell, sell”


Think about this….You and you family are in the mall, minding your own business, looking at the stores when that pesky vendor guy with a clipboard approaches you. UGH! I know I look down or walk faster to avoid them. Why?

Because I don’t like to be sold to or hear something out of the blue I didn’t ask for. I am not there for whatever they want to push on me at that time.

What if the same scenario, however the booth with the guy and the clipboard had a giant poster set up saying “See the top five reasons people spend to much money at the mall!”

This triggers my curiosity causing me to walk over to the guy, instead of the guy rushing to me and every other person in the mall walking by. Now I learn this is a promotion to download a free app containing coupons to save at selected stores at the mall.

The difference: The guy is now marketing to me, not selling to me!


When you market to people, you are starting a connection based on value. Every time you make a connection you must provide value to people. This will trigger curiosity and pull the right people to you, versus you going after every random person you meet


Here is an Example:

     You crank up your Face Book Ad campaign and add $100 to your budget. You will earn 25% commission for every person who goes to the Sargento page and makes a purchase thru your link. You have 2 initial options:


Option #1:











Hopefully you immediately identify the difference between selling and marketing!

Option #2 is a marketing campaign.  This provides value in helping people understand the warning signs of protein deficiency. As people are interested in this ad you can then have further conversation regarding solutions thru sources and quick ways of eating protein such as telling them about the cheese.


TIP #2 – Drive people to your Face book page

With the Billions of people using Facebook, all you need is a fraction of the market to do very well with your business. As you post in groups, place ads, and post on your wall, adding valuable content will create curiosity, engagement, and some type of reaction. From a thumbs up, heart, or “thank you for sharing” comment, you now have an interested lead which came to you!

Now what?

Simple! Since this is all on Face book just go to that persons profile and click the Message button and have some good old fashion conversation. The more engaged a lead is in real time, the more likely they are to buy from you or join your business. I highly suggest you click the microphone and ad a personal voice message thanking them for connecting, liking, or their comment. This increases the response rate.


TIP #3 –  Continue to add value while allowing natural progression to the sale or Join

Some of my favorite scripts to use show that I genuinely want to help solve a problem for the person. For instance:

Voice Message on messenger: “Hi Bill, thank you so much for liking my post about protein deficiency! It can be so scary. I hope you have never experienced this?”

Response: No, but wow that is good to know!

ME: Yeah, pretty scary! The more I educate myself the more I am prepared to prevent things like that from happening to me and my family.

ME: Do you have a family Bill?

Bill: Yes I have 2 teenagers at home

ME: Getting teenagers to eat good sources of protein must be tough?

Bill: Yeah especially when they are vegetarians every other day! LOL

Me: OMG! Crazy. Probably one of their Youtube fans doing it so now they have to.

Bill: I am sure! Makes it hard to buy stuff they will eat.

Me: I bet! I found out cheese is an amazing source of protein. Do they like cheese?

See how that naturally progressed to the product and is much different than the just trying to sell to Bill. I added value in the post. I used messenger to response and then had a natural progressing conversation.

This is a simple, free strategy you can start doing Right Now! Invest the extra time in the value and people will suddenly draw to you like a magnet. Continue repeating this process in all your actions online and your magnet will become stronger and stronger.



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