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Top 5 Times to Post in Facebook

From the Expert Ryan Stewman

“Social Media Millions”


7-figure social media Expert Ryan Stewman shares his top Prime-times to increase engagement in social media resulting in leads and sales. For his amazing book, videos, and more tips visit

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Prime Time Spot #1 – 5am-9am

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Ryan calls this the “early riser” – This is one of my personal favorites. When I post, run ads, comment on other posts, and so on, I usually get a quick 2-3 leads. Think about it, you wake up and if your like me and millions of others on Facebook, you wake up grab your phone and start looking at updates before you “wake-up”



Prime Time Spot #2 – 9am-12pm

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I love this one! Ryan explains that this is prime-time for the stay at home mom to get some social media time in after the kids are gone to school and before chores while enjoying a coffee. I love to market to stay at home moms, especially the ones looking to build extra income from home and “proving” they can produce income in the household too. His other side of the coin? Those racing to work and looking at Facebook while driving (Don’t do this!)



Prime Time Spot #3 – 11am-2pm

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This one cracks me up because now that I see it, it is so true! How many of your friends like to post about what they are eating for lunch? I see this all the time and then to top it off, all the comments that surround the food post. The next time you’re sitting in line, look up from your phone to see what the rest of the customers are doing…OK, now look back down at your phone and comment on my new post! See what I mean?



Prime Time Spot #4 – 3p-6p

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Ryan says this is the #1 time of all prime times. I am always guilty of this because of the first reason this time is so popular!

You’re at work and done, but waiting to leave for whatever reason and your scrolling thru social media to “finish” the work dayMy pet peeve  reason, again I don’t recommend this, sitting in rush-hour traffic scrolling thru on your phone.



Prime Time Spot#5 – 6p-10p

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You are relaxing, finishing dinner and the daily events. Yup, perfect timing to grab your phone and check out the newsfeed. In addition just as you get ready to go to bed, you check in to “finish up” for the day. If you post late your “audience” wakes up and checks the 5am prime time and sees your last post at 10Pm! Perfect situation to get some engagement.




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